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Excuse me, where the devil am I?

Hi! You're at Additional Dialogue, a small community dedicated to the art of making a mixtape and sharing it.

Mixtape? What's that all about then?

Quite simply, a mix on a tape. Traditionally an hour long tape, but it doesn't matter how long they are here. We often find though, that a concise tape that fits onto an hour long cassette, or one 45 minute side of a 90 minute cassette is much better than a full hour and a half. One of the skills in making a mixtape is getting a good mix into a small time span.

So why bother sharing them with the community?

Because everyone loves a mixtape! You can learn a lot from someone else's mix. You can not only capture their taste in music but their thoughts and emotions when they were making it, their life and culture unencumbered by language barriers. Or something like that. They're wonderful to listen to as well.

What about copyright?

We're not bootleggers or pirates, we're music lovers. Seriously, there's nothing we'd rather do less than disrespect an artist and rob them of a living. We see making and sharing mixtapes as promotion for the artists involved.


Our tapes are encoded as 24 and 56kbps mono MP3 audio with a sample size of 16bits. That's about the same quality as AM Radio. Not only that, but they're hissy tape recordings! If someone would rather download songs from their 'favourite' artist from the internet there are plenty of better places to look than a site which deals with full low-quality mixes. The only people involved here are people who want to share experiences with each other and broaden their music tastes. If you like a tune, find out what it is and buy it so you can enjoy it in it's full high-quality stereo glory whilst helping out the artist.

This all sounds rather cushy; can I contribute?

Of course you can, we encourage you to! Head on over to the community forum and take part in discussion. If you want to send us a tape, get in touch with us via the contact page and we'll tell you the address. You'll also get another person's tape in the post in return! That way there are always tapes in circulation, which could be from people you know or complete strangers.

And what if I want my tape back?

You can have it! Wouldn't you rather have a brand new tape made by another member of the community, though?

Are there any rules?

As far as making a mix is concered - no! We do suggest though, that if you want to have your tape featured on the site, to stick to a full hour cassette, or if you can't find any of them, one 45 minute side of a 90 minute tape. This helps us with bandwidth problems and, in all, makes for a better listening experience. We also request that you follow a few simple guidelines concerning ettiquete when contributing to the community.

And what are they?

Just common sense really. This isn't a place to insult people because of the music they like. It's a place to share tastes and experiences. If you don't share someone's taste in music, please respect theirs. Their taste is just as valid as yours. In short, just play nice on our boards and don't act like a complete bellend. If we think you're not sticking to these guidelines, your account will be blocked, that that's never nice.

But what if the tape's rubbish!?

Look at it this way. Mixtapes are so personal there isn't really such a thing as a bad tape. It might not be as enjoyable to listen to as others, but it's still just as revealing about the person who made it.

Oh I see! Anything else?

Nope, that's about it actually. If there's anything else you want answered drop us a line. If not, enjoy the mixtapes and community. Thanks for your contribution!

Oh wait, one more thing! What's the history of this site?

A good few years ago Patrick Allan ,the webmaster of Additional Dialogue, had his own personal weblog called the-Dark. It was updated regularly for some time, but after a while he grew tired of it and wanted something more exciting to replace it. With the help of a few friends, he turned the-Dark into a community weblog and forum encouraging members to be creative, make things and post them on the board. Every week there was a newsletter which went out to subscribers cataloging things the group had made that week. Some time between then and the present, the host of the-Dark had to shut his server down and the whole site had to move. With a lack of php and mySQL facilities at it's new home, the-Dark became nothing more than a newsletter and forum, and the members began to get restless. Before long it was a breeding ground for argument and Patrick wasn't too happy about what he had created. It was then that he had a great revelation. By far the most popular feature of the-Dark's newsletter was the weekly mixtape, made by a member and shared with the rest of the group via one long, low quality mp3. That was when Additional Dialogue was born, to share these mixtapes and provide a discussion ground for the members of the-Dark and all lovers of the mix-tape.